Who expected that we will be stuck in our homes because of COVID-19? It is almost near to 60 days and still not sure when we will be out of this.


Just before a day when the lockdown was announced, me & my wife went to her home for a day’s visit (not knowing that Govt will stop all movements from the next day). We are married from last 5 years and I never stayed with my in-laws for the whole single day and here I was stuck with them not knowing for how long, but truly it turned out to be the most beautiful days of my life.


Initially, it was too difficult for me to digest all of this, a completely new environment, new people, new home, over in all a completely new environment.


Just for your information I didn’t even have my clothes, my grooming kit, my regular things which I need the most at my home.


Internally, I was not sure for how long will I be able to stay so left things to time and waited humbly for the lockdown to end. Days became weeks, weeks became months but slowly and gradually my in-laws turned into my own family. I felt as if I already know them, I felt the love & warmth may be more than what my family gives me.


One day when I was enjoying my morning ginger masala tea at in-laws terrace garden (I love this moment), I was thinking about my wife (Mansi). She left everything of hers to be with me and a whole new family, she would have felt the same feelings which I felt initially staying with her family.


On my initial days, I got very conscious. I didn’t want them to judge me on my habits, I sat on the couch as if I am here for a meeting, talked in an over-polite manner, stopped seeing movies for the entire day and whatnot. I changed my habits completely.


I got a chance to understand how Mansi or any other married girl feels when she becomes a part of her husband’s life.


My in-law’s love & warmth made me feel as if I am a child of this beautiful family. I asked myself a question ‘We as in me & my family, have we truly accepted Mansi as she is & welcomed her whole-heartedly’. Today, at my in-laws home I have become the same ‘Harsh’ which I am at my home. Thanks to them that they didn’t change me and allowed me the time to become the natural me. Why can’t we give a chance to our wife or daughter–in–law the same time to adjust? Why don’t we realize that even she misses her family and needs time to make her in-laws, her family?


You won’t believe, honestly I don’t miss my Dad, Mom or Brother. I am not sure whether they miss me too or not. Joking J I am sure they do. Kudos to my in-laws who made me realize this.


I know how many girls face matrimonial issues. But I think the first and foremost person who should help her out is her HUSBAND. Yes, it has to be HIM. I am sure I am giving Mansi all the pleasures of life but during this time of LOCKDOWN and staying with my in-laws it made me realize that she also needs my love & constant support along with the wholehearted acceptance that she stops missing her family & starts seeing her true family in us.


We always want to see the change in others but we forget to change ourselves. We forget that somewhere even we Husbands are lacking. Let the change begin from you.


While I was about to complete my morning tea (which I have alone), thanks to my in-laws again who know that when I need my privacy, I really learned this amazing lesson of life. A life which a girl goes from. If we want her to be our family, we have to accept her as a family.


I came down finishing my tea, washed my cup and some utensils lying, realizing that I would have surely helped my mom, isn’t my mom –in – law my mom too. Completing that, I sat with my father in law, knowing about his life and how he managed the entire family single headedly because he doesn’t have any siblings. Then, I came to Mansi’s room, grabbed the laptop, and started writing this beautiful piece which might turn to be a learning for all of us.


The days are near when this lockdown is going to end and my in-laws have already prepared a list of items to give me (actually now they know my likes & dislikes), what kind of love is this I asked, my inner self said ‘That’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’.


I don’t have much to say to my family on what I did for so many days but I surely have a lifetime learning for all of us, learning to accept daughter-in-law the way they are, giving her ‘THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’ she deserves.